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Art expression @ US Open of Surfing

31 Juil 2012 / in Artist, us open of surf


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The US Open of Surfing is a celebration of not just surf, skate, music and beach culture — but it’s also a time and place to celebrate art. Because it would be silly to deny the relationship our sport has to the art realm. Take a look under most surfer’s boards and you’ll see some sort of doodle, and then take a look at the US Open of Surfing art wall today and you’ll see a hover boarding hamburger. So you see? The two go hand in hand. Because hover boarding is pretty similar to skating (just go with us on this one). So to celebrate that symbiotic relationship, we’re bringing a new artist to the art wall every day and letting them have at it with their paint strokes and mad genius. This video takes a look back at the first three days of what is sure to be another great year at the US Open of Surfing. Press play if you’re so inclined.

Day two at the US Open of Surfing was another banger. The sun beat out the marine layer, Michael Dunphy was a stand out surfer and the art wall got another layer of paint on it; this time courtesy of the guys from animation production company, Titmouse. Looks pretty good, no? If you’re down at the beach just snap a photo for the chance to have art from the day printed onto limited edition Converse and Hurley boardshorts. Just use the hashtag #usopenofsurf. See you on the sand!

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